Here’s what we need to promote your book

We like books that are:

  • Error Free. We look for content that is well-formatted, and free from typos and grammatical errors.
  • Blessed with a great cover. Unfortunately, people do judge books by their covers, so it will need to be a fairly good standard to make it past our control team.
  • Priced at $4.99 or less on the day of the listing. At eBookSoda, you don’t have to have your book on sale to qualify for a spot. As long as your book is $4.99 or less on the day of its listing, it’s eligible for submission. Obviously, you’ll get more downloads if it’s a promotion as everyone loves a good deal, but the visibility should still earn you some new readers.
  • Easily Available. We only feature books that are available from at least one major retailer.

If your book meets all of the above, we’ll take a look at it. If it’s right for our readers, we’ll give it the green light and away we go!

You can promote the same title as many times as you like with eBookSoda, as long as there is a 60 day gap between promotions. We also like a 2 week gap between titles by the same author.

If your listing isn’t selected this time and you’d like to resubmit your book for consideration in the future, please wait at least a couple of weeks before reapplying.


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